Great Dane swings small dog like a carnival thrill ride

Bandit is a one year old Great Dane with a fun-loving personality. He adores his miniature buddy, Lil Bear, and he plays with him in a very comical way. The two best friends share a rope toy that allows them to play tug-of-war and other games. But the unique part is that when one dog is tiny, and the other is the size of a pony, tug-of-war becomes more like a thrill ride at the carnival. Bear actually lifts off and goes through the air as he hangs on for dear life. The amazing part is how much he seems to enjoy this game and how he keeps coming back for more. Bandit loves the game too, and in a very impressive way, he shows that he is well aware of his size and power, and he swings the dog with a gentleness that warms the heart. He could easily send this little dog into a full spin or let go and watch him sail across the room. At one point, Bandit carefully steps backwards, taking care not to crush Lil Bear under a massive paw.
Bandit is an amazing dog who is more than just a loyal companion and beloved family member. He is also a service dog who provides comfort and assistance to Danielle, a young lady in this family who is autistic. Danielle faces challenges, including anxiety, and Bandit is specially trained to recognize certain behaviors and distract her when needed. He also keeps her safe and helps the family find her if she manages to wander. Bandit is a very bright dog who provides Danielle with much more than the usual friendship that we hope for in an animal companion. He is dearly loved by his family.

Lil Bear is an equally loved silver Yorkie with no apparent understanding of how small he is. He seems to believe he is as big and formidable as his giant friend. In fact, Lil Bear is the leader and the boss in this household. He loves these games and he enjoys any opportunity to show that he is not afraid of things getting rough. With a bark or a snarl, Lil Bear often sends Bandit running. You can’t help but admire that kind of spunk.

These two have played this game since Bandit came home at 8 weeks old. Lil Bear will often bring the pull toy to Bandit, asking for the games to begin. He enjoys the hair raising ride immensely, even though the amount of air that he gets and the distance he flies gets greater each day as Bandit grows. Perhaps the only thing that would make this interaction any funnier would be if Lil Bear could be equipped with a helmet so he could enjoy a little more air time!

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