Gunmen shoot and kill Yorkie in horrific home invasion in Bronx

Two gunmen killed a young Yorkie in Bronx on Sunday in a horrific home invasion in Bronx. The adorable pup had been visiting another dog’s home in order to be bred when masked gunmen shot through the door hitting and killing the dog.

According to the Daily News, the seven-year-old dog named Hercules had been on a mating call with another dog in the Adams Houses in Melrose.

“They knocked on the door, and I looked through the peephole and I see two guys,” said Samuel Pesante, 54, a home improvement worker who lives in the apartment on Westchester Ave. near Tinton Ave., with his wife, their 8-year-old daughter Samara, and Krystal.

As the two men tried to force their way into the apartment, one of the guns fired and shot the dog in the stomach and “within minutes” the dog had died.

The family’s eight-year-old daughter has been traumatized and is afraid anytime she hears a knock on the front door. All she wants is her dog to be alive again and cuddled in her arms.

This is the second time the family’s home has been broken into – the current family stated their residence had previously been a crack house. Authorities continue to search for the two men.

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