Gus is a good dog and doesn’t want to die today at New York City shelter

In Brooklyn, New York, a sweet older dog named Gus is well-loved around the shelter, however he frequently gets ear infections and becomes an extra expense. This 80-pound lap dog can be seen sitting very close with a volunteer and just soaking up whatever love he can get. Sadly, without our help, Gus will never see tomorrow.

The staff can’t help but laugh and smile as Gus just loves to carry his stuffies around. Most likely it keeps him feeling safe with something in his mouth and a safe way for him to channel his anxiety. It’s no picnic being in a shelter – the noise, the strangers and the utter confusion as to why he is forced to sit and wait in a kennel cage.

Sadly, when Gus was sent to foster care, his caretakers returned him within a month saying they didn’t feel qualified to handle his training. This six-year-old pup needs a committed person to provide positive reinforcement training to control his impulses along with daily exercise to keep him stress free and engaged.

Gus needs a special someone or he will be euthanized on Sunday.

Comments from the staff and volunteers about Gus:

“As I wait in the yard for our next doggie photo shoot, a big brindle baby lumbers toward me. His boxer-ish face is strikingly handsome, with dark brown eyes and an extra-wrinkly forehead. This is Gus and while he’s not actually a baby, (he’s 6!), his exuberant energy and soft, rubbery coat make him seem like a puppy. When another volunteer sits on a bench and calls him over, this “pup” turns into an 80-lb lap dog, sitting on her legs and soaking up the affection. When he’s done with the cuddle session, we play fetch and enjoy watching his big, lanky body scramble after the ball.”


Gus 104368 / a (sweet) bull in a china shop
Gus and his gumby 104368
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