Haters bash deaf pit bull on social media deterring people from helping

A large social media group that hate pit bulls have come out in force trying to deter people from helping Lilly – a young ,deaf pit bull who is losing her home for the third time in Wantagh, New York.

According to animal rescue volunteers, Lilly is a gentle soul who was given up for being deaf. Her previous owner took her two litter mates when they moved and planned on surrendering Lilly to a high kill shelter. Fortunately, she was rescued and placed in a home where she lived for nearly two years.

“She has lived with teens, has been around young children and lives with another dog who she cuddled, played with and spent all her time with. Due to an incident in the household regarding food and both dogs, Lilly was rehomed,” Lilly’s advocate posted on her Facebook page.

“A few days after she was adopted, she was given up! She spent several weeks in a foster home, until her advocates found what they thought was her forever home . Days later, she was returned!”

Sadly, Lilly does suffer from separation anxiety. Who can blame her? She must be the only dog in the home; there can be no exceptions as she can not be set up for failure. She needs a dedicated owner who lives in a house and who will be willing to provide her with the consistency, structure and love she needs.

Lilly knows her commands. She does take a short time to warm up to humans – not unexpected after the disappointments she has been through. She is goofy, sweet and extremely intelligent. Her favorite pastime includes playing with her peanut butter filled Kong and being close to her human – “throw the ball for me pleassseee.”

Please share Lilly’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Help this girl find the perfect family. Don’t pay attention to the haters. She is only three-years-old, sweet and fully vetted.

Please PM Carolyn Garafalo if you can help this poor soul or email Adopt@roadtohomerescue.org.

Located : Wantagh, NY

Transport can be arranged to an approved adopter . Share far and wide! Lilly is out of time.

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