Heartbreaking: Lonely pup curls up on couch hugging his owner’s shoe

In a heartbreaking video showing how lonely our pets can get when we are not able to be at home, a Reddit user shared a home surveillance video of his dog who can be seen carrying his owner’s shoe and taking it over to the sofa and cuddling up with it.

What a tearful moment as the dog visibly demonstrates how he uses his owner’s sneaker to keep him company. The video was shared on Reddit with the following caption:

“This surveillance camera catches the moment a dog took his owner’s shoe and slept beside it, showing how much he misses his owner while he was at work.”


This surveillance camera catch the moment a dog took his owner shoe and sleep beside this showing how much he miss his owner meanwhile he was at work. from aww

The video quickly went viral – seems many of us know that special look our dogs use when we leave home. Oh those eyes!

There were some very touching responses to the video.

“My dog does it all the time with my slippers when I go out. If I’m out for too long he might go and get the other slipper too.

Some social media users were so saddened by the pup’s loneliness they vowed never to leave their dog alone again.

It would seem our pets might be going through a period of adjustment now that many people are going back to work. During the height of the pandemic, many people were home and so our pets adapted to all of us being home more often. As some of us now leave home and we may return to some kind of normalcy again, our pets have to get used to us not being around all of the time.

Be patient, be loving and try to spend as much time as you can with your pet. Remember you have lots of people to be with and talk to during any given day – your pet only has you.

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