Heartbreaking photo of lost dog on bus with nowhere to go

In West Yorkshire, a passenger took a heartbreaking photo of either a lost or stray dog who got into a bus on her own and sat there for the entire route. The abandoned Staffordshire pup boarded the 620 Bus on Wednesday and stayed in a seat until its final stop in Bradford.

According to the Evening Post, passengers on the bus tried to protect her. Gemma Burton, who posted the dog’s photo on social media described the sad dog’s plight.

“She did try and get off the bus at one point but it was on the busy main road, so we got her to stay on and someone stayed with her on the bus before she was taken off at Bradford Interchange.”

The dog has since been moved to a kennels where she must stay for seven days giving her owner time to come forward. It has been reported the dog is currently at the Cliffe Kennels Strays and is not available for adoption at this time.

Let’s hope she is reunited with her owner and the pup’s trip on the bus was an unplanned adventure.

(Photo via screenshot Gemma Burton)

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