Heartbreaking! Surrendered dog too scared to move at animal control facility

A dog surrendered to the ACCT Philly animal control agency is breaking hearts on social media. The seven-year-old Cane Corso, Blue, is so upset by the loss of his family that he won’t even move.

Two days ago, a post by Chester County Dog Tails reads:

Omg, Heartbreaker Blue💔💔💔 This 7-year-old Cane Corso boy is so shell shocked from losing his family due to them moving to a neighboring state. He is beside himself at ACCT Philly and won’t even move for his volunteer friends 😭😭

Fast forward to Monday, and there is more bad news…Blue is still at the facility, and he is still terrified.

Update 11/30 7:45am: Blue was still at ACCT PHILLY As of close last night. He is shaking horribly and has not left his kennel 💔💔

Will you help by sharing Blue’s story?

Email: lifesaving@acctphilly.org


111 West Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia, PA

Shelter Phone: (267) 385-3800

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