Heartbreaking video of neglected pregnant dog leads to her rescue

When you see something, say something, and that is exactly what happened in Texas on Monday morning after a heartbreaking video of a neglected, pregnant dog became popular minutes after it was posted on social media.

The dog’s matted coat, begging for shelter and food and being pregnant prompted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to intervene. The panicky post started here:

“This dog is owned and appears pregnant left outside 24 hours a day!! This is abuse and neglect.

Look how she waits outside her home, begging for shelter and food. It’s just so heartbreaking to watch the video.

We are demanding the owners surrender her, she needs life saving medical care now,” the rescue organization posted.


And now she is safe. This is a developing story; more details to follow.

Donations towards the emergency care of this little dog can be made:


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