Heartless cruelty – someone abandoned a disabled dog in a crate along roadway

A cold-hearted person abandoned a disabled dog in a crate alongside a roadway in New Jersey. The Chihuahua, dubbed Stanley, was trapped. On Thursday, the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge recounted Stanley’s tragic situation, writing:

It was an unimaginable sight. A chihuahua abandoned and locked inside a crate on the side of route 80 with cars speeding by. “Stanley” was completely immobile, frozen in fear and due to his distressing physical condition. All four of his legs are so badly deformed that Stanley is unable to walk.

Not only does Stanley have a disability, he is extremely overweight, which compounds his health issues. The animal welfare agency explains:

Stanley was abandoned, overweight, disabled, and completely helpless, on the highway, trapped inside a crate.

Animal control picked Stanley up, but his situation at the shelter facility was still dismal. The animal welfare agency said;

Animal control picked up Stanley and brought him to their facility, where now he was stuck in a kennel alone, with barking dogs, frightened and unable to move out of his own urine and feces. As soon as we heard about Stanley, we rushed to his rescue, got him the medical care he so desperately was in need of and placed him in a loving foster home.

Stanley is safe, and comfortable, but he has a long road to recovery. First on the list of things to accomplish is helping his shed the excess weight so he can be fitted with a wheelchair to help with his mobility.

The rescue group writes:

Please consider a donation for Stanley’s care and to purchase him a wheelchair after he has lost the weight needed to be fitted for one. Please consider sending Stanley a gift off his wish list to keep him comfortable and happy, as he slowly regains his mobility. Link here: https://amzn.to/2WwAXsJ

Find the rescue group on Facebook here to make a donation.

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