Hearts are full – dog who spent over 960 days in shelter has found a home

Hearts are full at the Pennsylvania SPCA. The animal-welfare agency bid adieu to a long-time shelter resident, who found a home shortly after Christmas. In a Facebook post, the shelter shared good news, which was a long time coming for a dog named Lucy:

963 Days, but not one more.

On Monday, December 30, the day we waited more than two years for arrived. Queen Lucy, our longest term resident, left the building.


It was a day like so many others. A light drizzle fell in Philadelphia, but inside our Erie Avenue headquarters the mood was anything but grey. Whether it was Lucy’s letter to Santa, a video of her delivering that letter which spread across the country, or the countless people who were rooting for her, Lucy’s family finally came and they couldn’t be more perfect. They traveled a long distance – all the way from North Carolina! – met Lucy on Sunday and came back to make it official on Monday.

Though the kennel that Lucy occupied for so long now sits empty, the shelter staff is not mourning her loss – they are celebrating the future she will enjoy with her new family. The shelter shared a few final words, writing:

It’s a New Year, and it’s a new life for Lucy. Words aren’t enough, but we want to say them anyway – thank you to each and every one of you who stands up for animals like Lucy, and especially to those volunteers and staffers who made her days here more comfortable and joyful along the way. It means everything.

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