Help: Neighborhood dog roaming free for years captured by animal control

In West Covina, California, an abandoned dog described as gentle, had been a member of the neighborhood for many years. He lived at the local park and cautiously wandered around the area – no one knows for sure how he ended up as a stray.

Some residents say the dog had been roaming free for almost 15 years. Concerned friends and kind neighbors left bowls of food and water for him at the park; he became known as the “neighborhood dog.” For many years, the fluffy yellow dog was able to elude capture – very clever he was and never let anyone get too close no matter how much they tried.

On Monday, animal rescuer John Hwang asked his friends and followers on social media for help with the dog. Somehow he couldn’t elude animal control officers last week, and he is waiting at the Baldwin Park Shelter for help from his friends.

Adoption listing – the shelter has named him Wallace

My name is WALLACE and I’m approximately 14 years and 7.00 months old male chow chow. I have been at the Baldwin Animal Care Center since August 11, 2020. You can visit me at my temporary home B111.

ID :A5381300
Sex: Male
Age: 14 years and 7.00 months
Location: Baldwin
Kennel #B111
Intake Date: August 11, 2020
Available for Adoption Date: August 15, 2020
Days Until Available for Adoption:-10

Wallace is available for adoption, but it is suggested he be placed with adults only who have experience with large, calm dogs. According to John, there is divided opinion about what is best for this dog. Any rescues or sanctuaries willing to help? Please share with friends, family, approved rescue organizations and social media contacts.

Email to make an appointment to save a life or for any questions. THEY ARE NOT ANSWERING PHONES. Include dogs ID and your info. Do not give up. It may be difficult, but it’s worth saving a life.

You can try to call 626-430-2378 or the 962 info line below and put your name down on a dog and make an appointment to come meet one and adopt. There are no crowds so you don’t have to worry. Please come save a life.

FOR UPDATES OR INFO CALL: 626-962-3577 and push 5,2,2 and have ID number ready.

Baldwin Park Animal Care Center
4275 N. Elton Street
Baldwin Park, California 91706
Mon thru Thurs: 12-7 pm
Fri thru Sun: 10-5pm

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