Hero fishermen rescue monkey with life jacket

Info from Licensor: “My name is Renato Borella. I am a sport fisherman, and whenever I am on vacation I come to this region of Mato Grosso to fish with the fishing operator (Pimenta Fishing).

Me and my guide, ‘Neco’, were climbing up to a fishing spot when we sighted the monkey. He was very tired, and the river in that place is very wide, and with a strong current, so my guide and I became aware of the scene and decided to help the monkey cross the river. There were several attempts, which is divided into 4 videos. We tried first with the rowing of the boat, but the guide for fear of the monkey climbing the boat, released the rowing when the monkey started to climb. We were a little afraid, because we did not know what attitude the monkey would take if he could climb the boat.

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