Hero the Staffy will not be euthanized after he mauled dachshund

A small Staffy named Hero will not be euthanized after he fatally mauled a dachshund according to the Cardinia Shire Council in Victoria, Australia om Wednesday.

According to PerthNowNews, a dachshund named Coco and two other dogs had escaped from an open garage door at their home in Pakenham and ran to the local park. Hero had been walking on leash with his owner, Paki Harrison and her small child. Suddenly the three dogs approached Hero; his owner tried to pull the dog back. Harrison and the child jumped up on a park bench to get away from the dogs – Hero defended his family and mauled Coco. The dog later died from his injuries.

Coco’s owner, Kashila Chintamunnee, painted a different story and accused Harrison of letting Hero attack Coco, as he “held on for 10 minutes.” Closed circuit surveillance video, however showed Coco had not been on a leash and the three untethered dogs had indeed approached the Staffy.

A Change.org petition garnered 285,000 signatures to save Coco. Emma McLean, the woman who started the petition, claimed Coco could have been put euthanized “because of the negligence of Coco’s owners”.

“Cocos owner has changed her story so many times now to try to look innocent and vilify Hero, and that speaks volumes. RIP Coco, and condolences to her family, but lying to sentence another dog to death is just disgusting.

Witness has come forward on social media and stated that the 3 dogs in fact did attack Hero, and that the fault was not Hero. “

On Wednesday, the investigation was completed and “no further action would be taken.

A tragic outcome indeed for all of the dogs involved. Rest in peace Coco. Keep your dogs leashed; surely a life could have been spared in this sad situation.

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