Heroes spring into action to save dog being brutally beaten by outraged man

Heroes who bore witness to an angry man brutally beating his dog sprang into action on Sunday in South Beach, Florida. As reported by Local 10 News, the good Samaritans intervened after seeing  51-year-old Louis Sepulveda choking and smashing his black Labrador retriever’s head into the tailgate of a truck.

WSVN News video shows Sepulveda choking the dog, even after being confronted by an outraged group of people screaming for him to stop. One man, identified as Derrick Childrey, was able to stop the brutal attack and detain Sepulveda until the authorities arrived.

When officers showed up, the accused dog abuser told them that “he was going to kill the dog, because he had it coming to him!”

Animal control picked up the dog and transported it to a veterinarian for an exam – the extent of the dog’s injuries is not yet known. The dog’s abuser was arrested on a $5,000 bond, and is facing a felony charge of animal cruelty with intent to injure or kill.

(Screenshot via Local 10 News)

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