He’s blind and lost: Heartbreaking pup who just wants to be loved

At the Central California SPCA animal shelter in Fresno, California, a frightened terrier sits in the corner staring at the wall. He is blind, confused and needs help to find a foster home or better yet – a family to adopt him.

The rescue coordinator posted the following report:

“Stray ‘honesty such a joy’ no other obvious health issues, ‘great with dogs, it was the only time I got a tail wag out of him.”

Found as a stray on March 17, animal advocates have pledged funds to an approved rescue organization who will help this boy. Follow his plight here. Remember no dogs are considered rescued until they are safely out of the shelter.

For more information, contact:

103 S Hughes Ave

Fresno, California 93706(559) 233-7722