Home needed for disabled dog who was abandoned in a box

A New Jersey animal shelter is searching for a home for a disabled dog who was abandoned in a box. On Saturday, the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge described the cruel manner the senior dog, named Stanley, had been discarded:

Abandoned, disabled, and completely helpless – Stanley was left on route 80 trapped in a box. It was an unimaginable sight. An 8 year old chihuahua with deformed legs, 21 pounds at 12 inches tall (he should be under 10 pounds), abandoned on the side of a major highway.

Describing the toll fear had taken:

Stanley was frozen in fear and immobile due to his distressing physical condition, with all four of his legs so badly deformed that he is unable to walk. To compound his disabilities, Stanley weighed more than twice what he should.

Months have passed and Stanley is in a much better place, emotionally and physically. According to the shelter, he has shed excess weight, and his mobility has “improved tremendously.” The shelter writes:

Stanley has quickly become a sensation at RBARI, his infectious smile and friendly personality winning over everyone he meets. His front legs are improving as he regains muscle tone and strength, but his back legs are sadly not functional.

The shelter adds:

Stanley has adapted beautifully with his cheerful determination. His goals now are to continue to lose weight, gain mobility and get fitted for wheels!

Find Stanley a home

This adorable pooch deserves a wonderful, loving home. The shelter said:

He’s happy and finally ready to find his forever home! Please visit rbari.org to apply.

Find the shelter’s Facebook page here.

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