Homeless dog is so depressed at shelter that she won’t look at anyone

Bewildered, confused and severely depressed – all words which describe a homeless dog being held at a Texas animal shelter. The eight-to-nine-year-old dog, named Sadie, is at the Hood County Animal Control agency.

On Thursday, the animal care facility described Sadie’s sadness and confusion:

Sadie doesn’t know why she is at Animal Control and doesn’t want to interact with us. She will turn away and hide her head.

Of course Sadie is sad and confused. She can’t possibly understand why she is locked away. Will you consider helping this homeless girl? She will undoubtedly make someone a wonderful companion…if given the chance.

Interested in adopting or rescuing? Please contact the animal control agency at 817-573-4277 or kgreer@co.hood.tx.us

Facebook page for Hood County Animal Control here.

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