Hong Kong shelter in critical financial need leaving lives of 130 dogs unknown

The Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation in Hong Kong’s New Territories is in critical financial need, leaving the lives of 130 dogs unknown as well as the 25+ street dogs the rescue feeds daily. While the rescue organization may be thousands of miles from where we live, their work with helping the strays, the surrendered and the injured remains a universal cause.

The rescue is located in Tai Lam Wu village and according to their Facebook page, can only survive for two more months unless funds can be raised. The founder of the rescue, Narelle Pamuk, has had to cancel fund raisers because of the pandemic which included festivals, school visits and pet adoption events. The revenue from these events had previously covered operating expenses for the shelter.

And the pandemic has also caused more animal surrenders because of loss of jobs and people fleeing the Hong Kong area – leaving their dogs behind to fend for themselves. Looming medical bills, rent payments, food for the dogs and salaries have all fallen behind.

Perhaps the most heart wrenching decisions concerning the lack of funds are the emergency cases for the sick and injured dogs; their veterinarian bills can be astronomical, but then, has to come the decision to end their lives instead of providing the expensive life-sustaining care that could heal their egregious injuries.

“SKSFF received a report of a female dog with an extremely bad wound to her rear leg at a restricted landfill location.
Permission was necessary to get access inside the vast site. Trapcages were set up and everyday we were permitted entry to place food into the traps and after 3 days her hunger lead to capture.
The wound was raw exposed flesh such a pathetic case. To have extreme pain without medical help must have been intolerable.
The diagnosis was not good as her leg was unsalvageable and amputation was necessary.
Her name TKO released from the clinic and now at our shelter, is managing remarkably well with her mobility, good appetite, bright, painfree and happy.
We hope an adoption opportunity will present and she can have a loving home.
Saving her young life was possible…”

Check out how these rescue people go to amazing lengths to rescue a dog in need:
Video: (copy and paste the url into your browser to view)

Donations can be made via the SKSFF site.

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