Hopeful faces wishing you will fall in love and adopt them from shelter

At Roswell Animal Services in New Mexico, there is an open house on Sunday – and could it be your forever friend is just waiting with hope in his eyes? The shelter is open and features $1.00 adoptions.

“…anyone adopting also has to pay the vet to have them fixed, vaccinated and chipped prior to officially taking custody of the animal; we have merely cut out the money they pay us directly. Its definitely not a free animal…,” the staff posted on Facebook to reassure animal lovers there are fees associated with adopting.

Go to the organization’s Facebook page and scroll down for puppies, small dogs and big dogs.  Click on a  picture to get an impound number, cage number, and general information about the dog.  The album is updated daily. Owners can reclaim their animal at Roswell Animal Services within four days of having been impounded; after that the animal goes up for adoption.

Interested in a cat as a furry companion? There are lots of great feline friends waiting for a special person too. Simply go to the Facebook page, click on the photo, get the numbers and general information.

The shelter is now open; no appointments required however social distancing is still require; no more that five people are allowed into the lobby at a time, and the shelter will still be restricting access to only the lobby for visitation and paperwork. The public will still not be allowed back into the kennels at this time.

Check it out. Share the news and save a life. Sharing saves lives.

705 E McGaffey St
Roswell, New Mexico 88203-6966
(575) 624-6722

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