Houston dog laid in street dying,helpless and sick until someone cared

No one knows how long Lucy laid in the middle of a Houston street waiting and hoping someone would help her. There she was – blind, helpless, starving and dying, yet no one thought she was worth stopping for – that is until Thursday when ThisisHouston changed Lucy’s dismal looking fate.

“ThisIsHouston Lucia Marsalisi she cannot walk she was soaked and no doubt left in the storms we had today  she likely sat in that spot all day.”

Lucy was rushed to VERGI 24/7 where the eight-year-old dog was administered life-saving treatment.

” She is diabetic, has fluid in her abdomen. Her hematocrit is below 9% which is very bad and dangerous. She is extremely dehydrated and anemic, so she will need AT LEAST 2 blood transfusions. VERGI wants to hold her for a minimum of 3 days due to all there is to do. She has a UTI, and cataracts in both eyes. She’s on a feeding tube so she can get fed hourly. On a body scale of 1-9, they put her at a 1.

Lucy has lots going on. But we will remain hopeful for her. We will continue to update.”

To donate directly to the veterinarian’s office, please call 713.932.9589 and mention Lucy as the patient.

Follow Lucy’s plight here.

Friday morning update and photo:

ThisIsHouston Lucy is doing good this morning! The text says “Lucy is being a good girl for her doctors, and she was excited to say hi 👋


VERGI – 713-932-9589
Venmo username: ThisIsHouston
Verification code: 7541

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