Hunter fined and temporarily banned from hunting after killing therapy dog

A hunter in British Columbia, Canada, has been temporarily banned from hunting and fined after he shot and killed a woman’s therapy dog. As reported by Global News, Jordan Jensen claims that he believed that he was shooting a wolf when he shot at Valeria Calderoni’s white Tamaskan, Kaoru, in September 2017.

Jensen was found guilty on Tuesday and has been forbidden from hunting for four years, and fined over $4,000. Additionally, he must pay $1,500 to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

Kaoru was walking with Calderoni near Lake Lucille when Jensen mistook her for a wolf and fired a fatal shot. Kaoru had worked with special needs children, living with Autism and other emotional difficulties, prior to being killed. Her owner tells the news agency, “She helped thousands of people feel happy and relaxed through her many working hours.”

Jensen cooperated with officials after Kaoru was killed.

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