Hypothermic dog rescued from mud filled retention pond

A lost dog has been rescued from a mud-filled retention pond in Greenville, North Carolina. On Thursday, Greenville, NC Police Animal Protective Services – “Lost and found Pets” posted photos of the rescued dog, writing:

A citizen called to report this dog trapped in the mud at a retention pond unable to escape. When officers arrived the dog was sunk into the mud up to its chest.

Officer White jumped into action and waded into the pond and was able to free this dog from the mud. The dog was suffering from hypothermia and was transported to a local vet for treatment.

The initial post included a request to help find the rescued dog’s owner and that owner has since been found. The updated information states:

Update 1:45 pm: Owner has been located and will be reclaiming.

A much needed happy ending this week!

(Image via Facebook)

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