Idaho dog rescue helps after horrific accident killed 2 people and 15 dogs

A horrific car accident in Idaho claimed the life of a woman who founded a rescue group, her boyfriend, and 15 dogs. On Friday afternoon, the MCACC West Adoptable Dogs Facebook page broke the tragic news to followers:

“… Ann Watson, the founder of Who Saved Who Rescue, and her long time boyfriend Chris, were killed along with 15 transport dogs in an automobile accident in Idaho early this morning. They leave behind two young children.

This is a huge loss to the animal community, Ann saved many new hope and, E-listed dogs.

On Friday, Blackfoot Animal Shelter stepped in to help find two of the dogs missing and rescued the other canine survivors. Animal advocates from across the community have volunteered to help in any way  needed.

“…The animals that were found alive are safe. We have traps set that we will be monitoring through the night. Again there are only two loose. We do not want people to be on the freeway and endangering their lives please stay safe…, the rescue posted on social media.

There were 48 dogs on the transport originating from Arizona heading to Alberta. It is not known if all the dogs have been located although rescuers have concerns there still might be one dog on the loose.

Photos of the surviving dogs have been posted on the group’s website. The plans are to help these dogs reach their destination and be placed with their foster parents and adopters. Until then, all of the dogs will be loved and cared for as if they belonged to Blackfoot Animal Shelter.

Rest in peace to all involved in this terrible tragedy.

To donate to Blackfoot Animal Shelter and Rescue, please click here.

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