If only someone would adopt Angel Cakes after she was returned to shelter

Through no fault of her own, Angel Cakes was returned to the Nassau County Animal Shelter in Yulee, Florida, this week. The friendly Labrador and German shepherd mix is eight-years-old and had been living in a foster home with a chihuahua so no issues with another dog.

This adorable girl is completely house-trained, well-mannered, gentle and trained. She walks on a leash and is fine with other dogs – even one so small as her last roommate – the chihuahua.

So what happened and why is she back at the shelter? Angel Cake’s foster mom provides us with more information:

 “I am currently fostering Angel Cakes and I hate to bring her back, but I must. It’s not her fault, she is actually awesome and I wanted to adopt her. She’s allergic to something in my house. My vet gave her a shot of steroids and 21 days of antibiotics, which she is currently taking. Her health is improving greatly now, finally. (Skin allergy/infection).”

And then the roofers came to install a new roof:

“Yesterday, roofers came to put a new roof on my house. This is stressing Angel out and I’m afraid I’ve bitten off more than I can chew at this time.”

Angel Cakes has two more weeks of antibiotics to take one pill twice a day. Please share her story with other friends, family and social media contacts. Someone surely will look at that adorable face and fall in love.

An adoption form can be found here: https://bit.ly/NCASadopt

Nassau County Animal Services 86078 License Road, Yulee, Florida, 32034, near Target, Home Depot and Petco. Shelter hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11 -4, Wednesday 1 – 6, Saturday 11 – 3, 904.530.6150.

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