Images of empty kennel runs and a message from California animal shelter

On Friday, a California animal shelter posted several images of empty kennel runs and shared a message with Facebook followers. The Kern County Animal Services Facebook post reads:

We wanted to take a moment to recognize you, Kern County. With as much adversity as we all are facing, it is important to recognize actions that remind us that we are all part of a community. We put out a plea over a week ago to help us find temporary foster homes for shelter animals, and the response we’ve received has been nothing short of uplifting.

According to the animal welfare agency, over 125 shelter animals are being cared for by members of the community, leaving just 41 in the care of the shelter team. The shelter writes:

 These are pets that would otherwise have been kept in a kennel throughout this pandemic response.

Sharing words of gratitude:

Not only has your generosity saved these pets, but it has allowed our staff and volunteers, over 100 of them, to remain at home to care for their loved ones, isolate if need be, and provide care to their own pets, and yes, their own foster animals.

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