‘Incredible’ unique looking shepherd – will anyone be intrigued enough to help?

A unique looking shepherd, described as “incredible,” is waiting and hoping for his chance to be noticed and loved. The young dog, dubbed Biscotti, is at the Riverside County Animal Control agency in California, and the shelter is always full, meaning that this dog needs help to be noticed and saved.

On September 25, the Facebook page Saving Riverside Shelter Dogs, writes:

Biscotti is incredible! He has long lanky legs, and the most beautiful unique coloring. He is definitely under weight, but will likely fill out quickly with the right diet/nutrition. Currently housed in the adoptable section of the shelter.

A video of Biscotti in his kennel run reveals a dog who is longing for attention – a dog who wants to be loved, but is stuck inside of a strange environment instead. (Click here to view video of Biscotti on Facebook)

Will you please consider helping this young boy find a new home? Networking saves lives! Biscotti is still a baby at just a year of age – please help him be able to enjoy the rest of his life.


Petharbor link here

For more information about this animal, call:
Riverside County Animal Control – Riverside Shelter at (951) 358-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A1549543

Rescue department:
Rescue phone: 951-358-7302
Rescue email: rescue@rivco.org
Rescue desk is closed on the weekends

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