Indiana man arrested on felony animal cruelty and dog fighting charges

A man in South Bend, Indiana, was arrested and charged for allegedly participating in dog-fighting activities. As reported by WNDU News, 42-year-old Damian Newsome was arrested last week and dogs in his possession were seized and taken to a local animal shelter for care – one dog was so severely injured that it had to be humanely euthanized.

Jennifer Gobel, shelter manager for the South Bend Animal Resource Center, tells the news agency that the dogs will be evaluated to see if they are suitable for adoption. She said, “We expect the majority of the surrendered dogs to be adoptable, but we are still continuing with professional behavioral assessments before making those final determinations.”

WNDU reports that Newsome is facing multiple charges including six felony charges of purchasing an animal for use in an animal fighting contest, and a seventh count of domestic violence- animal cruelty; he could face up to 14 years behind bars if he is convicted for the charges.

(Booking photo via WNDU News)

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