Injured puppy found in dumpster near restaurant

An injured puppy is on the road to recovery after being discovered near a restaurant in Kinder, Louisiana. The pup, a Blue Heeler mix, was found by  Michael “Dallas” Karr, a manager at the Fausto restaurant. Karr was emptying the trash when he noticed ears sticking out of the rubble.

Jeff Dorson, executive director for the Humane Society of Louisiana, applauded Karr for his rescue efforts:

A quiet hero saves a life!!! Michael “Dallas” Karr is a modest, well-mannered, hard-working, young entrepreneur. Michael is only 22-years old and is already a managing partner of Fausto’s restaurant in Kinder, Louisiana, and his quick actions saved the life of a young dog.


He moved some trash out of the way and saw a small Heeler-mix puppy looking up at him. Michael picked him up and noticed that the young dog had what appeared to be a two-inch gash under his chin, across his neck!!! Michael quickly called Kinder Police Department, filed a report, and then took Fausto to a nearby veterinary clinic, where he received immediate care. Fausto is alert, playful, and even went to work this morning with Michael!

The pup, since dubbed Fausto, was able to receive veterinary care to repair his injured neck, and he has already found a home! The great news was posted to social media:

Good news about Fausto! First, we thank everyone for your very generous donations!!!! You are all heroes in our book!! Thanks to you, Fausto and others just like him will get all the emergency care they deserve! Second, Fausto has officially been adopted!!

Anyone with information about this situation is asked to read out to the Kinder police at 337-738-2600.

Find the Humane Society of Louisiana on Facebook here.

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