Investigation sparked by photos showing puppy pulling a brick

An investigation has been sparked by disturbing photos showing a man walking a puppy who is tied to a brick. According to multiple sources, the photos which surfaced on social media were reported to have been taken in the parking lot of a gas station/convenience store in Rockwell, North Carolina.

As reported by WBTV News, the local animal services agency and Rockwell Police Department are investigating the situation. There is speculation about the purpose of the brick pulling – thoughts range from misguided training to conditioning for dog fighting.

Humane Society of Charlotte’s Vice President of Clinic Services, Ellen Taylor tells WSOCTV:

“I’ve certainly seen that where it’s usually adult dogs that are hooked up to weights to help them build up their muscles and prepare them to fight, so I’ve seen that used maliciously,” Taylor said. “There’s also weight-pulling competitions, which some may consider that to be not the most humane way to interact with your pet, but that is something, as well.”

Those who have seen the images are happy that the authorities are looking into it further.

(Screenshot via WBTV News)

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