‘It’s not my dog’ claims person who surrendered pup to shelter

“It’s not my dog,” the person who turned the matted mess of a pup into the animal shelter on Tuesday in Dallas told the front desk personnel.

“It is not my dog, to ACO. I found it a month ago and have been feeding it but I can not care for it any longer,” posted Dallas Dog – Rescue, Rehab, Reform on their Facebook page, after sharing the heartbreaking photos of a dog covered in mats, fleas and fecal matter.

What are the odds the above excuse was true? Tragically, the dog has such large clumps of hair, he even struggled to walk. Staff believe the dog is dehydrated and emaciated.

Today this dog’s life just changed. Thanks to the rescue organization, he will be undergoing a complete grooming accompanied by a veterinarian checkup.

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