Labrador puppy slated to be euthanized continues fighting for his life

At a shelter in Cleveland, Texas, a seven to 10-week-old Labrador retriever puppy had been on the list to be euthanized late last week when ThisIsHouston stepped forward to rescue him.

“We just received a plea to help this little puppy at Cleveland shelter. The shelter does not have any vets on staff, so they typically euthanize medical cases and injured dogs if a rescue can’t pick them up same day.

This itty bitty baby could’ve been killed today if we hadn’t stepped up.”

The puppy, since named Casper, was rushed to Vergi 24/7 for life saving treatment as he groaned in pain. His little belly was swollen from worms and his gums very pale as he fought through a severe case of mange and infection. Casper has received multiple blood transfusions; an albumin transfusion has been added in hopes to help his facial swelling.

Casper is currently on lidocaine, plasma and albumin including his intravenous fluids. He will continue his stay at the emergency veterinarian hospital for a few more days.

“He’s very sleepy and puffy today but we are still hopeful,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page on Monday.

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To donate to Casper’s vet bills:
Call Vergi 24/7 at 713-932-9589
Venmo @ThisIsHouston (7541 verification code)

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