Litter of newborn puppies abandoned in cement bucket left alongside road in the rain

A decidedly cold-hearted person left a litter of newborn puppies in a cement bucket alongside a road in Dallas, Texas. The sad situation was brought to the attention of Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform, which expressed dismay and outrage over the cruel act.

On Tuesday evening, the rescue group recounted what happened, angrily writing:

I am so PISSED OFF 😑 I apologize in advance if we offend anyone in this post !!!

I opened Facebook to see a tag for HELP I looked and saw this bucket of puppies! It was one of those cement buckets – the (kind) you make concrete in, it was full of PUPPIES! I had to look twice and zoom in to read and see what I was seeing –  this can NOT BE REAL!

Yes it was real someone placed 11 one week old puppies into this bucket and placed itΒ  on the side of the ROAD – to MAKE the situation worse it was POURING RAIN 🌧!

Donations for care

last four digits 8768
Mailing address
Dallas DogRRR
1314 W McDermott
Suite 106-741
Allen,TX 75013

(Images via Facebook)

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