Loon couple of 23 years return to Michigan wildlife refuge

In Seney, Michigan, the world’s two oldest common loons have returned to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where they have been together for the past 23 years.

According to the Facebook page of the Seney Wildlife Refuge, the male called ABJ had been banded as a young chick in 1987 – confirming his age as 33. The female called Fe (Fay) was first color-marked in 1990 as a successful Seney mother; because the youngest age of verified Common Loon reproduction is four, Fe will be at least 34-years-old this season.

The pair were seen this past weekend swimming in the partially frozen pond called F Pool.

Fe has produced 33 chicks since researchers have been following her. Now the pair is expected to defend their territory from other loons searching for their mates and trying to breed. If ABJ and Fe keep the other loons away, they will be on their 24th season; hopefully there will be a few chicks hatching this summer.

Need a distraction from some of the current news – check out the Seney Wildlife Refuge for a refreshing view of what’s right in this world.

(Photo by Laura Wong)

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