Lovable Mastiff ‘Eeyore’ in need of a home

At the Houston SPCA, a lovable Mastiff cuddles with his stuffed puppy for comfort. The seven-year-old senior is in need of a new home, and his own particular method to help him find a new home is to pose in the most adorable way to capture someone’s attention and especially their heart.

“This is Eeyore, a 7-year-old Mastiff. He just loves to snuggle his stuffed puppy and take long naps. If you have a warm bed, some chewy treats, and a calm home to let Eeyore have a peaceful life after hardship, we want to hear from you!,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

Have you heard about the Houston SPCA’s Golden Paws senior pet adoption program? Any dog or cat over the age of eight is considered a senior, and the fee to adopt them is just $45 for cats and $75 for dogs. Golden Paws animals receive the same adoption package as the other adoptable animals, plus an inclusive workup to make sure your new pet is aging well! Are you over 65? Then you can adopt any of our Golden Paws pets for just $15! For more information and to see the available animals, visit www.HoustonSPCA.org/adopt#BringHomeTheGoldenPaws #AdoptHoustonSPCA #SeniorSaturday

(Ask if the organization will make an exception to Eeyore’s age? Eeyore is listed as 7-years and 1 month, but he’s a big guy and ages quicker. He weighs 86.4 pounds.)

“…I will need someone to keep me happy and healthy in my golden years. I’m a sweet old dog that loves to lounge around. I had a ruff life but I still love the nicer things… So far I have made friends with all dogs and puppies that I meet. I haven’t had the chance here to meet cats and kittens nose to nose but I have seen them through the window and I think we could be good friends too.”

For more information about Eeyore and how you can adopt, please click the link above. Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact.

Please share Eeyore’s adorable photo and his information with friends, family and social media contacts. Someone out there will surely fall in love with this big boy.

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