‘Love’ is blind and overwhelmed at noisy crowded shelter

Her name is “Love” and the five-year-old terrier blend may be blind. She is overwhelmed at the noisy and crowded Lancaster Animal Shelter in Lancaster, California and barks – that is her only defense. Once Love knows that someone is near her, she calms down as she feels safer.

Love has been at the shelter since December 2, 2019 and according to shelter notes she may be pregnant. Her advocate writes the following heartbreaking note:

“She has been waiting for a savior of over a month, bumping into the walls of her kennel, but she never feels sorry for herself. We do not know why there appears to be blood in her kennel, or for certain if that’s what it is, but we do know there is a home our there for her, we have to help her find it.”

Following are Love’s medical notes as per the shelter.

Behavior Code: 1 nice dog. good for exam and medical treatment

possibly blind

Temperature-101.0 Pulse-115 Respiration- 28 MM- pink CRT- < 2 sec Mentation- BAR BCS-4/9

EENT- discolored eyes with dilated pupils OU (appears blind; bumping into walls); dried blood in ear canal AS

Oral- moderate tartar

Cardiovascular/Respiratory- NSF

Abdomen- distended abdomen (possibly pregnant?)

Musculoskeletal- NSF, ambulates 4x

Neurologic- NSF

Lymph nodes- NSF

Genito-urinary- NSF

Integument- dried blood/possible healing hot spot left side of face; scab/dried blood on left ear pinna, healed scabs and scars right ear pinna; scab on cranial lower lip; swelling noted at base of left ear

Shaved left side of face and cleaned with chlorhex wipes; appears to be hot spot or old wounds. Dried blood on inside left ear canal (cleaned; small wound noted). Noteable trauma to left side of face

Rx: Cephalexin 500mg PO BID X 10 days

Rx: Vetprofen 75mg PO SID X 3 days

Issue HW

Per shelter protocol:

Gave DHLPP, Bordatella, Frontline

Scanned, No MC found

Shelter staff to monitor appetite and elimination, alert medical staff if any concerns or abnormalities.

Follow Love’s plight here. Share her story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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