Malnourished mother dog and young puppies abandoned in a box

Someone abandoned a malnourished mother dog, and her young puppies, in a cardboard box which was left in the middle of a field in Missouri. The heartbreaking situation was recounted by the Wright-Way Rescue Admission & Medical Services Campus on Thursday morning.

The animal welfare agency posted images of the abandoned family, writing:

This momma dog and her babies were found in a box in an empty field.
A farmer was driving past an empty field early one morning when he saw a head pop up from a box. He stopped and got out to investigate. What he found was heartbreaking. An emaciated momma dog and her two-week old puppies had been left in a broken box in the middle of nowhere. They were all dehydrated, and one of the pups had blue lips.

The organization coordinated transport for the dog family and writes:

Momma and babies were sent to a loving foster home right away and they are on their journey to recovery. We are so profoundly grateful for all our maternal fosters and our donors.

Donations can be made via the group’s website here.

(Images via Facebook)

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