Man arrested for hitting puppy with guitar and attacking girlfriend

A man in Auburn, Massachusetts, was arrested and is facing charges after he allegedly hit a puppy with a guitar and attacked his now ex-girlfriend. According to multiple sources, 45-year-old Thomas L. Mitchell Jr. had been drinking on June 22 when he got angry and grabbed a guitar and hit a puppy. His girlfriend at the time, Lisa Griffin, stated:

He grabbed the guitar off the wall and he just took it and he smashed it down on one of the puppies, and so I just laid over him and grabbed the puppy,

The authorities were called out to investigate the situation at Acorn Acres trailer park at 113 Washington St. As reported by the Telegram, an officer was told that the puppy was paralyzed after being hit. Mitchell allegedly turned on his girlfriend after she pleaded with him to take the injured puppy to a veterinarian.

Griffin recounted how the neighbors intervened:

They heard the puppy screaming so they all come running and he grabbed my throat and he’s holding me against the – where the screen door was and just kneeing me and kicking me

Mitchell was eventually arrested and he is facing multiple charges including assault and battery on a family or household member, animal cruelty and violation of an abuse prevention order. The puppies and their parents have been seized by animal control – they will eventually be made available for adoption. There is no information about the injured puppy.

(screenshot of puppy via NBC 10 Boston)

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