Man arrested for slamming mother dog forcefully to the ground

An Oregon man was arrested over the the weekend for allegedly slamming a mother dog “forcefully” to the ground. As reported by KCBY News, the cruel incident was captured on video and shows 29-year-old Brian Domin abusing a dog named Baby Girl.

In a release, Springfield Police recount the abusive behavior, statingthat Domin could be seen:

“forcefully slamming her to the ground.”


“She is heard yelping during, and shortly after being thrown to the ground. She then goes quiet. Witnesses described the dog as being unresponsive for a period of time after the event. Domin then focuses on a neighbor and verbally accosts them.”

Domin was arrested on Sunday and taken to jail for suspected animal cruelty. Baby Girl was treated at an emergency veterinary clinic and is now in protective police custody.

(Booking image)

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