Man drowned trying to save his dog from swift river current

Last Friday, a devoted dog owner lost his life trying to save his dog from drowning in a swift river current. As reported by the Great Falls Tribune, the dog had been enjoying a game of fetch in the Bitterroot River in Hamilton when things went awry.

The dog’s owner, identified as 57-year-old Jeffrey Dwigans, apparently threw the stick too far and his dog was caught up in the swift current. Dwigans entered the water with two other people in an effort to rescue the struggling dog – two people safely returned to shore, but Dwigans and his dog were swept away.

Dwigans body was found downstream by a police officer – the authorities received word that a dog’s body was also spotted floating in the water.

Officials always advise people to avoid entering the water to rescue a struggling dog. Instead, experts recommend calling the authorities for help if possible.

(Stock image of a dog in water via Pixabay)

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