Man smashes Mercedes window in front of police to save puppy trapped inside

A man took action to save a distressed puppy from possible heat stroke, breaking out the window of a Mercedes in front of the police in Swindon, Wiltshire. As reported by Metro U.K., the good Samaritan told the authorities that he would save the dog if they didn’t.

The puppy was pulled out of the parked vehicle and comforted until the car owner returned. According to the news agency, the dog’s owner was given a “formal warning” from the RSPCA after he decided to leave the puppy in the vehicle while shopping.

The man who busted out the car window was not cited, and his actions were “deemed lawful.”

The 14-week-old puppy was released to the custody of his owner.

Each year, as the temperature climbs in warmer months, people are warned not to leave their pets inside of parked vehicles. It bears repeating, car interiors can become dangerously hot in a short period of time – leave your dog at home if you plan to stop and shop.

(Image via screenshot Metro UK/Wiltshire 999s / SWNS)

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