Man uses drone to find dog missing for 10 days

Gary and Debbie Morgan’s 16-month-old golden retriever was missing, and the couple was heartbroken. In Andes, New York, they put up fliers and asked for online help finding their missing dog.

According to AbcNews, the dog named Meadow had been missing for 10 days when Brian Jones came across the social media plea for help. The flyer he read offered a $500 reward and described Meadow as having a “small, stocky build and a pink collar.”

And so the hiking guide decided to use a bit of modern ingenuity and the trained drone pilot set out on the search.

“I’m realizing that [it] might be easy to see her from the air if we find her before snow [falls], Jones said in a video recorded when he went out to search for the dog.

And then Jones mentioned spotting a patch of white in a wooded section of the woods.

“Alright, I was able to get a visual on Meadow from the air.”

Jones went to the spot and there she was. Thankfully, the dog was not injured, and the family was reunited with their dog ten days after she disappeared. It was a happy moment and another wonderful reason to smile.

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