Man who beat his dog and ‘learned a bitter lesson’ will not go to jail

A man who brutally beat his dog  will not go to jail. Daniel Ljubas, from the Gold Coast of Australia, repeatedly smacked his dog  named Cash because the pup dug up his irrigation pipes in his backyard last June.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, the Staffordshire bull terrier had been left tied by a short chain to a post in the backyard for 45 minutes; he had no shelter nor water. Neighbors who lived close by were awakened that night by the sounds of the crying dog as Ljubas repeatedly hit Cash on the head and then grabbed him by the throat.

During the investigation by officials, Ljubas did not deny tying the dog up and hitting him, although initially he stated he only hit Cash three times “on the a..”

In court, Ljubas’ attorney stated his client didn’t believe that hitting a dog was an act of cruelty stating “he learned a bitter lesson.” A magistrate found Ljubas guilty of failing to provide appropriate accommodations or living conditions and cruelty to an animal by causing it unnecessary or unreasonable pain.

Magistrate Michelle Dooley sentenced Ljubas to one year probation and ordered him to undergo an anger management course along with thousands of dollars in court costs. Ljubas will be banned from owning any animals for three years.

There is good news however – Cash will be made available for adoption to a loving home. Live long and happy Cash.

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