Man’s tiny picnic table for squirrels charms the internet

A nature lover built a picnic table for squirrels and placed it outside of his living room window so he “could watch the squirrels eat while I have my coffee every morning,” he posted on Twitter, along with several photos and a short video.

Rich Kalinowski, 43, of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, built the tiny table, and the idea has caught on all over in the United States prompting other nature lovers to build their own while the world has nearly shut down during the quarantine.

Rich buys a variety of nuts and seeds as well as cutting fresh fruit stating it all brings him “happiness during these uncertain times.” And now both Twitter and Facebook users are making their own squirrel picnic tables and finding new ways to enjoy the beauties of nature.

Woodworking seems to have become a new pastime – enhancing our appreciation of nature. What a delightful way to watch the birds and the squirrels – and why not give them some tasty tidbits?

(Photos via Twitter screenshots)

Check out the video for some cool ideas:

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