Marine seeks his Siberian husky after she was given away while deployed

In Reston, Virginia, a United States Marine continues to search for his Siberian husky after she was given away while he had been deployed to West Africa. Sgt. Nathan Jumaili paid a trusted neighbor to care for his one-year-old pup, but that ended in heartbreaking disappointment when the dog was surrendered to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

According to WUSA9 News, the friend who had been caring for the dog named Sasha, ran into dire financial issues as a result of drug abuse. It wasn’t long before Sasha was adopted by someone else.

In a response to Jumaili contacting the shelter, they stated there was nothing more they could do. When the neighbor surrendered Sasha, he affirmed he had been the dog’s owner. The new owners, who do not want to be identified, have stated the dog is in a loving home.

If he can’t have her back, Jumaili just wants to see Sasha again and let the dog, who had previously been his best friend, know that he didn’t abandon her. Sadly, all this veteran has left now are videos, photographs and a tattoo on his shoulder of Sasha.

Should Sasha be returned to Jumaili? Thoughts?

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