Milo needs a home: Called ugly because he has battle scars from past abuse

In Anson County, North Carolina, Milo has been waiting since 2019 for a home. The 10-year-old senior has been overlooked because he’s “ugly.” The battle scars from his past abuse all over his head and body seems to turn potential adopters off – and so Milo waits for help.

Milo’s advocate describes the lovable pooch.

“Milo” has waited since 2019 for his forever. He’s 10yrs., heartworm positive & set to get neutered this week.  He is a unique boy, he has the cutest little ears & yes, the battle scars all over his head area from likely a life of abuse & neglect. He LOVES ppl and other dogs, especially females. PLEASE HELP US HELP OUR Lil Bullfrog, “Milo,” Maureen Lett posted on her Facebook page.

Milo is one of the sweetest dogs at the Anson County Animal Shelter and just wants to be held.  He is scheduled to be neutered this week. Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Donations are currently being accepted for an approved rescue organization to help with expenses.


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