Missed deadline: Woman’s 7-year-old Yorkie adopted out to someone else

In the Harlem area of New York City, a woman’s seven-year-old Yorkie was adopted out to another family because she did not get to the Animal Care Centers of New York City on time.  Yanique Gayle, the owner of the adorable Yorkshire terrier named Megaa, is heartbroken and is hoping for a holiday miracle.

On November 24, a family member had been walking Megaa when the little pooch slipped his leash. Gayle looked all over for him, placed posters around the area and sent out his photos all over social media.

It wasn’t until days later that she discovered Megaa had been picked up by animal control and brought to the shelter. Shelters are required to hold a stray dog for 72-hours before being put up for adoption. The shelter did find a microchip on the dog, however it had never been registered – and so how can anyone blame the shelter? Almost a week later, Megaa had still not been claimed. Soon after, the adorable pooch was adopted out to another family.

Of course, Yanique is heartbroken. As pet owners however, all of our pets should be microchipped and registered, as well as wear identifying collars.

The shelter did reach out to the Megaa’s new family; thus far they have not responded.

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