More than 400 animals mostly dogs rescued from awful Kentucky puppy mill

In Louisville, Kentucky, more than 400 animals, mostly dogs of nearly every breed, were rescued from awful living conditions at a puppy mill in Adair County. The animals lived in enclosures amid piles of feces, urine, rodents and debris.

Members of the Guardians of Rescue were on the scene removing the dogs. According to the organization’s social media page, all of the female dogs found at the puppy mill were pregnant; some of the dogs had been in the process of giving birth when rescuers arrived.

“Along with our rescue partners, our Guardians team got over 400 suffering dogs out of this squalor and despair. When you have to climb over rusted-shut cages to get access to the dogs, you know that no one went into the cages to feed and water, clean or to check on the dogs. They were clearly just throwing food through the bars and pouring water into filthy buckets.”

The rescue of the dogs has been updated with the following information. Some of the dogs were deceased when discovered:

From Guardians of Rescue:

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We will not show you the most graphic photos, or describe the pitiful sights that our teams are witnessing. We don’t want to give you that heartache.

But many of these animals have lived—for who knows how long—in these horrid conditions. The property is infested with large rats, and there are remains of neglected dogs all over the property.

As of 3 AM last night, our team has removed, along with our placement partners, over 271 dogs, and the number keeps rising. The investigation is ongoing. We desperately need your support right now. Even $5 donations will add up to make this large and urgent mission of mercy a success.

The dogs have all been forfeited to Guardians of Rescue.

To help, donations needed and can be sent to:

Guardians of Rescue
PayPal-… “

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