Mother dog and her 5 puppies living in muddy barrels rescued

In Roanoke, Virginia, a chained mother dog and her five puppies had been living in muddy rain barrels in the backyard of their home. The emaciated dog spent most of her energy feeding and protecting her puppies. On Thursday, Angels of Assissi, an animal welfare organization, rescued the canine family just in time.

“We’re not sure how she did it, but this emaciated mama dog not only survived in these frightful living conditions, but she was able to make sure her 5 puppies did too. Rain barrels filled with mud don’t make for a good nursery. We are so thankful that once she was pulled to safety, 4 others living in the same horrible conditions were pulled the next day. Upon arrival at Angels of Assisi, they were very appreciative of food, water, soft beds, and blankets…, the organization posted on their Facebook page asking for donations to help with the expenses.

The dogs were all given immediate veterinarian care – feeding schedules and the treatment for cuts on their faces and legs. The mother dog and her puppies have been placed in a foster home for the foreseeable future while they gain weight and recuperate.

After the rescue of these five dogs, authorities seized four more dogs from the same egregious conditions. An investigation into animal cruelty charges is currently ongoing.

Donations would be greatly appreciated to help cover the medical and rehabilitative care that these dogs need and deserve.

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