Mother dog trying to protect her puppies attacked by two dogs

A mother dog caring for her puppies was attacked over the weekend by two other dogs. With all her strength, the mom fought valiantly protecting her five little ones, but two against one? The other dogs tore her up before help arrived. On Sunday night, she was surrendered to the shelter.

On Sunday night, the mother dog and her puppies were rescued by S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast in White Plains, New York.

“She has labored breathing, blood everywhere. She has a dangerously high fever of almost 105, systemic infection…”

At the emergency veterinarian hospital, she was placed on intravenous medication fluids and sedated. She has between 30 and 50 puncture wounds which were cleaned. All four of her legs are swollen, she has a large hematoma on her neck, is not drinking or eating and cannot stand.

Her puppies were all over their mother trying to nurse; she is not producing any milk. Her new name is Aveta -( “a Celtic mother goddess often depicted with infants, baskets of fruit or small dogs.”

We can only hope she survives. Updates to follow.


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