Nearly 3 years since dog was tied to shelter door; Nevaeh finally finds a home

A real home has been a long time coming for a dog who was tied to the door of an animal shelter in New Hampshire nearly three years ago. Two days ago, the Manchester Animal Shelter shared joyous news about a now senior dog, named Nevaeh, writing:

Almost 3 years in the shelter, 100’s of volunteers worked with her, 1,000’s of hours walks and love given, but today, Nevaeh has gone home.
The turnout of volunteers to see her off was special and we wish her and her new family only the best!

On New Year’s Day, the shelter posted a photo of the long time shelter resident, hoping against hope that this would finally be her year to be someone’s one and only:

Happy New Year!!! We just know it’s Nevaeh’s year to finally go home. This sweet girl has been here for years for no fault of her own. She needs to be your one and only but she will fill your heart up and then some!

As reported by WMUR News, Nevaeh’s (Heaven backwards!) is going to start her new life with John and Tracey Valles, who are thrilled to be adding a senior dog to their lives. Tracey tells the news agency:

“Sure, she’s a little bit older. That’s perfect. I don’t have to potty train her. She won’t chew my furniture, and she’ll sit on the couch next to me. That’s all I want.”

Follow the animal shelter which cared for Nevaeh at this link to Facebook.

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